Is A Kickboxing Workout Right For You?

A kickboxing class can have double the benefits of a normal workout or martial arts class because it effectively combines both fitness and self defense into one intense session. In these types of classes you definitely become stronger, more agile and become able to endure longer and tougher workouts. You also learn how to swiftly defend yourself if you ever need to. So why doesn’t everyone take a class like this?
These classes tend to be too trying for many people. In fact, many people who try these classes quit before their fourth class. Some people simply can’t keep up with the high cardiovascular and general strength demands of these classes. However, this is really because they weren’t properly mentally prepared going into the experience.
In classes like these you should expect a super-set style workout. This means breaks of any kind will be slim to none – you are constantly finishing one thing and starting another. It’s quite strenuous and exhausting at the same time. So, before class be sure that you are well hydrated and you have eaten energy high foods such as healthier carbs and proteins.
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You should also expect to interact a lot with your instructor and your classmates. This is because the classes tend to use dynamic body weight exercises at certain points. This means you partner up with someone and the weight of their body and sometimes your own works as resistance during the exercise. You can imagine during something like this there would exist a need for some solid communication.
Moreover, you should also be prepared to stick with the program as best you can if you don’t want to chalk your money and time investment up to a complete loss. Like anything else it will take a steady routine of classes for at least a month before you are mentally and physically acclimated to these classes enough that it’s no longer a massive undertaking. However, if you do stick to it there’s no way you won’t be a tip-top kickboxer as well as in fantastic shape.