Jiu-Jitsu As A Fitness Routine In The New Year?

There’s always been an ongoing discussion about whether or not martial arts in general, not just jiu jitsu could be considered a fitness routine. Some feel it lacks the cardiovascular exercises needed to be considered so. However, others feel that because of the high physical demand of many of the techniques that it can be considered fitness in the area of resistance training. This is because many of the techniques involve complex body movements in which you or your opponents weight will resist your force thus causing you to use your strength and muscles – many times at a maximum capacity.
For the sake of this post, let’s consider that martial arts, specifically jiu jitsu, is considered fitness across the board by all people. So, jiu jitsu, namely Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, is much less of a cardio work out and much more of resistance training than anything else. Resistance training is still crucially important to your over health and fitness levels. It helps to improve your overall strength and endurance as well as helps nurture key muscle development.
Now the question is: How exactly does jiu jitsu accomplish this? Well, it does this in a few different ways. First, as mentioned earlier, the primary way jiu jitsu accomplishes this is through dynamic body weight exercise through complex techniques involving your an/or your partners body weights. Another way it has all of those fitness benefits is that it helps you improve your focus and balance as well as supplements your grip strength in spades. So, if you’re looking for interesting resistance training and want the added benefit of learning self defense jiu jitsu is the right choice for you.