Ninety Four Year Old Woman Leads Fitness Class In Her Nursing Home

A Mephis, Tennessee area assisted living resident is taking charge and has been leading her communities fitness class for the last several weeks. Beverly Howell (pictured) is a ninety four year old living in Riverdale Assisted Living in Memphis and she is now leading the daily fitness class and inspiring the other residents to be more active themselves.
The class is “sit-ercise” – exercise you can do while sitting down, but, make no mistake is an extremely engaging and active class especially for the members the youngest of which is eighty one years old. This class has now become an important part of daily life for many residents and Howell is firmly at the helm.
Not only does it give the residents something fun to do and to look forward to but it also helps them exercise their joints and muscles which is something they don’t often get as residents spend a lot of time in their beds typically or sitting still watching TV or playing bingo. One thing is for absolute sure and that is Beverly is an enthusiastic yet demanding instructor “She will often get loud with residents who she see as ‘phoning it in’.”