Check Out These Fitness Apps

  1. Jefit
  2. This is essentially a smart database of hundreds of different exercises you can do based on the body part you are training. It also includes a log where you can keep track of what exercises and body parts you’ve already completed each week.

  3. Lose It
  4. This app not only records your exercise routines but also helps to keep track of your food intake. You can join challenge groups or even general peer groups you can use for support or even general fitness networking too.

  5. Workout Trainer
  6. This is another smart database of many different workouts however this also comes with some nice audio and video instruction as well. It can also help you plan out your routine based on your skill level, on a week to week basis, and even has a special yoga program as well.

  7. Sworkit
  8. This fitness app might be the “smartest” of them all. It covers all routines from your warm-up to strength training to cardio. The super smart part is where the app will recommend other exercise for you to complete based on the exercise you have already completed that particular training session and that week.